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"Ouch I'm Tender"

CWA Healthcare Workers sing "Ouch I'm Tender"

Published on May 29, 2013

© 2000 by Luis Vasquez (UAW)
Sung to the tune of "Love Me Tender" by Elvis

Hurt my shoulder
Pulling parts
Pain goes down my arm

Carpal tunnel
Manager says
Won't do me no harm

Went to visit
Company doc
Oh boy, what a thrill

Inject some steroids
Pop some pills
All my pain to kill

Bend and twist
Screwed up both my wrists

Bending, lifting
What's the risk?
Blown out all my disks

Workers injured
Some made lame
Then they're made to blame

Fit the worker
To the job
Isn't that a shame

Ouch, I'm tender
This is true
All these strains and sprains

All my aching
Body parts
Driving me insane

Awkward postures
Excessive force
All my joints to swell

Please come soon
'Cause I hurt like hell
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